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Audit & Leakage Management


One of the major challenges which the developing nations in the world today face is the management of fresh water. The challenge starts from the source of water and extends to the discharge of waste water. Many utilities and municipalities are now facing the problem of high production cost of water, old and defunct distribution systems, reduced efficiency due to high Non Revenue Water (NRW)/Unaccounted For Water (UFW) and poor Operations and Maintenance (O&M) cost recovery. The NRW which is the volume of water lost in the process can average be as high as 40%. The government and operating bodies increasingly realize that if their losses are not managed properly then this will become a severe threat to humanity in the Future.The Government of India has embarked on various missions to reduce NRW to 15% and to provide good quality water, on a 24×7 basis, to the citizens of India. Service Level benchmarks have been identified for water supply and waste water service providers and action plansare under implementation. In order to provide sustainability of these projects,the Government has also started inviting participation from private sector.



Under the present scenario, we at NJSEI offer the following consulting solutions and services to our clients.


  • Due Diligence of Existing Water Supply and Distribution Systems.
  • Asset and Flow & Pressure Measurement Surveys.
  • Development of GIS Database and Basemaps for Utilities.
  • Network and DMA Design.
  • Hydraulic Model Development and Network Analyses.
  • Development of Metering Strategies.
  • Provide Rehabilitation and System Efficiency Improvement Plans.
  • Development of Leakage Detection & Repair Strategies.
  • Water Audit Plan & NRW Management Strategies.
  • Development of Integrated Management Information System Plans.
  • Development of Operation and Maintenance Plans.
  • Training on NRW Management, Leakage Detection, Flow and Pressure Measurements.