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GIS, Database Management, Information Technology


In today’s scenario, business is pursuing real time actionable information – just the right information at the right time on any device at the right location. With this information, decision-makers can make effective decisions and take immediate action. The global information infrastructure may depend on computers, networks and software, but the main component is information – which is spatially referenced. As a result, GIS is no longer a tool for the specialist, but has also become a decision making tool for management.



“NJSEI” Geospatial Technology Solutions bring together Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Technology to provide powerful and integrated business solutions that can change the way your business operates.Our Geospatial/IT Division consists of a unique blend of highly specialized professionals who have significant experience in the deployment of enterprise systems specifically in the water and waste water sector domain. The extent of our core competence and domain expertise enables us to provide comprehensive, innovative solutions for the entire GIS/IT development lifecycle.


The diversified multi-software environment enables us to customize solutions to meet the needs of clients in sectors such as:


  • Utilities & Infrastructure
    1. Water Supply/Sewerage/ Storm Water
    2. Telecommunications/Electricity/Gas

  • Environmental
    1. Water Resources Management
    2. Forestry & Bio-Diversity
    3. Agriculture & Crop Diversification

  • Urban Infrastructure Development
    1. Urban Infrastructure/DPR
    2. Slum Improvement & Sanitation

  • Planning
    1. Urban/Sub-Urban/Regional
    2. Master Planning

  • Capacity Building
    1. Technical/Material/On-site Customized Training

NJSEI’s GIS/IT services include the following:

  • Consulting
  • Design Development and Implementation
  • Data Management Services
  • Real Time Tracking Services
  • Image Processing Services
  • Spatial Data Services
  • Spatial Analytical Services
  • Operation and Maintenance Support
  • Capacity Building Services




The goal for water supply agencies to provide water at the required quality, at the required pressure – and at the right time – is now no longer just a wish – it is a requirement.


Water supply agencies must continuously improve their operational management to meet community expectations, reduce costs and to increase the level of service to customers. Water distribution modeling is a cornerstone of the analysis necessary to determine the appropriate strategy.




  • Building Functional Hydraulic Models.
  • Troubleshooting an Existing Distribution System Model.
  • Locating Critical Pipe Segments, Analyzing their Impact, and Remediating them within a Water System.
  • Using Models for Solving Complex Design and Operation Control Problems.
  • Performing Energy Audits on a Water Distribution System and Improve Operational Efficiency.
  • Determining Available Ffire Flows and Undersized Components Including Pipelines, Pumps, Tanks etc.
  • Calibrating Distribution System Models Manually with Field Data Such as Pressure Recorder Readings, Tank Levels, Pump Status, Flow Meter Data.
  • Answering Design Questions Such as: How Big should the Tank or Elevated Tower be? How Many Pumps are Required? What Pump Curve is Best for a Particular Application? Is a Variable Speed Pump Better for that Application? What Should the Most Energy Efficient Controls and Logic be.