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Solid and Hazardous Waste Management


NJSEI with support from its parent company NJS Consultants, is well experienced in all aspects of solid/hazardous waste management, and has provided solutions to meet waste management needs of municipal and industrial clients. We offer in-house expertise in landfill management, waste transfer and collection, recycling, composting, and energy recovery. NJSEI delivers all such services including; Solid/hazardous waste management master planning, Rate studies and financial assistance, Public participation and education programs, Site evaluation and selection, Equipment and vendor procurement, Facility design and permitting, Construction oversight, Operations monitoring/optimization, Site closure and reuse. NJSEI’s solid/hazardous waste professionals are all individuals who have focused their professional development on the unique mix of technical, legal, institutional and financial disciplines which are to effectively serve clients in this area. This focusing and continuity of involvement is particularly important because solid waste work is truly multi-disciplinary. Projects often involve a combination of “hard” engineering and science with “soft” political, institutional, legal and other influences that are critical to project success. This combination of factors can only be understood by long-term immersion in the solid waste field.