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Waste water Reclamation and Reuse


With water resources dwindling and the growth rate of urban areas increasing at an alarming rate, along with increased competition for clean, safe and reliable raw water sources, management of existing water resources is a growing challenge and becoming more difficult day-by-day to meet increasing water demands, many Clients in India are now considering recycle and reuse (wastewater reclamation and reuse) of high quality treated wastewater for non-potable, industrial and/or indirect potable (source water augmentation) purposes.



NJSEI has extensive experience in wastewater reclamation and reuse and has provided such consulting services to many of its Clients. With our parent company’s experience, NJSEI brings a worldwide experience and knowledge base to its Indian Clients. As part of the water reclamation projects NJSEI team is currently providing technical assistance in conducting reuse studies, potential for recycle water, rate analysis, comprehensive studies on willingness to purchase and use, evaluating and developing appropriate advanced treatment technologies, preparation of tender documents, process design, and construction supervision/operation assistance. In addition the NJSEI team has expertise in providing and developing public awareness campaigns for its clients in promoting recycle and reuse programs for better public acceptability.