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Water & Sanitation


Safe disposal of human waste is a prerequisite for ensuring protection of both public health and environmental standards. Uncontrolled and untreated discharge of wastewater from households, industrial and urban areas pollutes of receiving waters, resulting in deterioration of water quality (both surface and groundwater) and endangering downstream water uses and activities. There indeeds potable water supply schemes, commercial fisheries, irrigation, agriculture, water contact recreation, natural fauna and flora. NJSEI has extensive experience in designing and implementing wastewater collection, treatment and disposal solutions to meet its Client needs.



NJSEI provides expert consulting in the preparation of master plans for the development of wastewater collection and treatment facilities (as well as drainage) ranging from comprehensive planning studies, detailed planning, facilities planning, development of turnkey projects, to plant start-ups.


In recent years, NJSEI have completed a number of wastewater facilities planning projects and associated environmental impact assessments, in addition to numerous engineering evaluations and specific analyse.


With respect to conventional and advanced wastewater design systems, NJSEI have participated in near wastewater system projects involving the design of wastewater collection and treatment facilities. Included in this experience is the design of biological nutrient removal (BNR), membrane filtration, disinfection systems (chlorination/dechlorination, ultraviolet, ozone) facilities for a number of wastewater treatment plants to maintain effluent quality. All our designs focus on reliability, efficiency and economy using state of the art and innovative technologies not only for design, but also for construction methods, and for operations and maintenance. With a broad base of experience in sludge management and composting, NJSEI with its parent NJS Consultants, Japan, have implemented sludge management systems including conventional practice of sludge drying beds to centrifuge and belt filter press applications.


Our in-house staff provide services including advertising and awarding of bids, shop drawing review, resident engineering, and comprehensive construction management. NJSEI has also provided operational assistance to its Client on effective operation of facilities in meeting the discharge standards set by MOEF & CPCB (Central and State). In addition to development of new sewerage systems, NJSEI staff has experience in sewer rehabilitation and application of trenchless technology for difficult areas. The specific expertise includes application of modern trenchless rehabilitation; cleaning, testing, and sealing pipe joints; manhole rehabilitation; repairing and replacing sewer pipes, sump pump removal, spot repairs, service replacements, separation of combined manholes, and direct inflow source removal.