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Water Supply Treatment


Provision of safe and reliable drinking water supplies starts at the source. Identification of viable and sustainable potential sources as well as assessment of existing water supply, such as groundwater, reservoirs, lakes, and rivers—is the first step in providing safe and adequate water to the community. NJSEI professional staff is skilled in using the state-of-the-art techniques and innovative source management strategies to provide the tools that water utilities need to help them reach their supply objectives. NJSEI’s focus is to adopt a “three-barrier” approach of water quality that addresses: (1) protection of the water source, (2) effective water treatment and disinfection, and (3) reliable delivery of safe drinking water.



In all our work, NJSEI’s philosophy is simple, as it aims to provide effective technology to the real-world environment of every client, whether managing a fast-track Design Build Operate (DBO) approach or Standard Engineering Procurement and Construction approach, applying state-of-the-art technologies, or using conventional treatment processes for meeting WHO & CPHEEO water quality standards


Apart from engineered solutions, our management capabilities vary in scope from water conservation planning to expert analysis of safe yield. Our tools include computer modeling, geographic information systems, and water quality analysis.


Water Treatment technologies enable our Clients to meet WHO and CPHEEO standards and provide consumers with the protection and assurance of quality and purity that they demand. NJSEI with its parent company has incorporated innovative and advance technologies (such as membranes, ozone, ultraviolet light and other disinfection systems) into our designs of treatment facilities of all sizes and levels of sophistication. We have also developed important water treatment applications at every step of the process train. NJSEI has also helped in the development of funding options for agencies to implement new facilities.


Reliable delivery of drinking water is often public’s first criterion for utility performance. For troubleshooting and planning of water distribution systems, NJSEI has adopted computer-based tools that can provide valuable support. NJSEI’s experience includes network analysis, system design, services during construction, and operational assistance.